You’ll Have A Nerdgasm When You See This $5,000, 24 Karat Gold Nintendo Console (Only 10 In Existence)

Earlier, we told you about the gun company that turned a real handgun into a clone of the Nintendo ‘Duck Hunt’ Zapper along with the new secrets to beating a couple tough opponents in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. The Nintendo Express rolls on with this video from Unbox Therapy in which we get a first glimpse of Analogue Nt’s 24 karat gold Nintendo console that costs almost $5,000. Only ten of these were made.

Not everyone’s on board with this gaudy gadgetry. Here are some of the haters on YouTube:

“Dude, it’s made by a 3rd party company. It’s not even a legit Nintendo product. Not even the most hardcore Nintendo fan would give a flying shit about this.

“Cute. $40 worth of gold on a aftermarket retro console. You stupid hipsters will buy anything.”

According to Analogue’s site, the gold-plated console was created “to celebrate the Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary. Each piece of the Analogue Nt’s aluminum enclosure is plated from the inside out in pure, 24k Gold. Hand polished and plated in Seattle, WA. Every unit sports a transparent baseplate, so you can see exactly how beautiful your Analogue Nt is inside.”

Seems most diehards aren’t impressed by a third party gutting the original NES and slapping on a new case, but I’ve got nothin’ but love. Capitalism, comrades.

The first edition of the Analogue Nt console is already sold out while the limited edition gold-plated console has the same special features. If you upgrade, it’s compatible with HDMI, plus it enhances the audio and visual components of the games that made your eyes dry. What’s old is new, dude. Retro is the way to go, bro. Just make sure you don’t live in one of these gold-diggin’ cities. Or don’t. Maybe that’s where matches are made.

Via Reddit