Ex-NASA Engineer Builds Automatic Dartboard That’s PERFECT For Drunk People

I’ve always been a decent dart player. Not particularly great, but I’m not very bad. My abilities on the dart board are very similar to my prowess on the beer pong table.

My typical night of playing darts goes a little bit like this: early in the night, I start out cold. I slowly dial in as I drink more and more until I’m nailing every shot, the definition of clutch. Then without any warning, I’ve drunk too much and everything turns to shit again and I can’t hit a shot to save my life.

For these reasons above, my inability to regulate a steady flow of alcohol into my bloodstream throughout the evening, this would be the perfect dartboard for a guy like myself. In fact, it’s the perfect dartboard for everyone on the planet because it means whoever is tossing darts is going to hit a bullseye every goddamn time. It’s like playing the game of ‘Cricket’ in ‘God Mode’.

This Automatic Bullseye MOVING Dartboard was built by ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober who has since gone on to build up a massive following on YouTube with nearly 1.8 million subscribers.

According to Gizmodo’s Sploid, it took Mark Rober three long years to design, build, and perfect this automatic bullseye dartboard. According to Sploid, it only takes 200 milliseconds for the dartboard’s computers to sense an incoming dart’s trajectory and another 200 milliseconds for the dartboard to manuever itself into place.

As you can see here, it works really well:

When throwing darts at this board you still need to be in the general vicinity of the center in order for it to position itself into place for a bullseye. So if you’re piss poor at darts that you can’t even hit the board then, sadly, this won’t work for you. But if you’re like myself and always in the general center of the board then this will turn you into the greatest goddamn darts player that ever life.

(H/T Gizmodo)