Introducing ‘The Big Beertha’ — A Gentleman’s Beer Bong Made Specifically For The Golf Course

We’re living a golden age of awesome novelty golf products for Bros. A couple weeks ago we told you about Golf Shots, hollow novelty golf balls that you can unscrew into a 1.5oz shot for your favorite liquor. The next thing to blow up on our radar was Chippo, a genius game that combines the backyard summer party fun of cornhole with golf. And now the ultimate Bro golf drinking accessory has finally hit the market: The Big Beertha, a big plastic beer bong shaped like a Big Bertha driver that fits perfectly into your golf bag. Beer bongs are “a serious faux pas” of golf etiquette, so now you can bong a beer without looking like a classless frat rat with a traditional funnel beer bong on the course.

The Big Beertha is currently being sold over on Kickstarter for pledges starting at $34.

Here’s how it works: All you do is pour a 12-ounce can into the opening at the club head, then take a knee and “grab the grip and let it rip.” As such:



Some more details about the logistics of this game-changing drinking device:

The Big Beertha club head is designed to easily hold 12 oz, while the shaft is clear acrylic, allowing onlookers to view the impressive flow of liquid, similar to a traditional beer bong. The shaft will be threaded, and will easily screw into or out of the club head for cleaning purposes.


Go support this great Bro Invention over on Kickstarter…

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