The Personal Concrete Fireplace We Never Knew We Needed, Until Now


Guys love fire. Whether that’s due to an evolutionary trait or to our fascination with simple chemical reactions in nature is up for debate. Quite frankly, most of us couldn’t care less. Why? Because there’s fire in front of us that’s why!

And what better way to admire one of the world’s greatest phenomena than with the FLIKR Fire, a compact concrete fireplace you can bring into your own home.


FLIKR Fire is a 5.5 x 4″ cement cylinder that uses isopropyl alcohol for a burn that doesn’t create soot and is safe to eat over. Its cement structure won’t overheat or crumble over time, and its adjustable bottom keeps surfaces safe from the heat of the fireplace.

For an idea on burn time, five ounces of isopropyl alcohol will achieve about 50 minutes of burn time.

The FLIKR is meant just as much for indoor use as it is outdoor. Think of the FLIKR as a way to set the ambiance of a room or space. Set it outside on the patio coffee table and beem a movie up on the wall with a portable projector, or throw down on some delicious s’mores in the comfort of your own kitchen—away from those pesky mosquitos.


Wherever your imagination takes you we know you’ll find this personal fireplace to be, how us guys might say, “totally awesome.”


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