5 Sick Private Jets That Are Balling Completely Out Of Control

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Private. Jets. A quality private jet charter flight is one of the most top-shelf things you can do in life and in the world of aviation, it’s second to none. We spoke to a few experts about amazing modern airplanes and rounded up some of the most blazing fast, decadent and futuristic ones that are balling completely out of control.

You and I may never be able to fly private, but we can dream right? So let’s dream big.

Boeing 757-200

President and Chief Executive Officer of Private Jet Services Group, Greg Raiff recommends considering the Boeing 757-200, a fine specimen indeed. Its private iteration seats 62 passengers and has two separate cabins for sweet, sweet privacy. It features a full state room that’s bigger than some New York City apartments (but let’s hope it’s above that 250 square foot closet your cousin rents while he works his way up the corporate ladder), full club seating for gourmet meals, and an “ensuite” bathroom connected from the bedroom. (Because if there’s one thing you want on any flight, it’s some privacy while you use the facilities.)


Bombardier Global 8000

Vice President of Sienna Charles, Freddy Reinert is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Bombardier Global 8000, a highly fuel-efficient jet that boasts ultimate cabin comfort (we’re talking a couch, natural light-flooded interior, a galley-style kitchen, a seriously spacious stand up shower and a roomy cabin). It also has a far-reaching intercontinental range so you can hit up the hottest party spots all around the world. It’s scheduled for service in 2017, so save up ya hear?


Pilatus Pc-24

Founder & President of B2 Aviation, Bernie Burns is all about the Pilatus Pc-24 which he describes as “truly out of the box.” Pilatus, a Swiss company, announced the aircraft last year and will be rolling it out starting in 2017. It’ll be the only business jet that can land and take off on extremely short runways and even the ability to land on dirt strips (meaning they’ll be able to get passengers closer to that mountain or private beach end-destination). From a tech standpoint, it’s equipped with next generation in-cabin management that can be controlled via smart devices tapping into everything from the aircraft’s database of movies and music to a map of their flight path directly on the device’s screen.


Boeing Business Jet 3

Head of VIP Charter at Chapman Freeborn, Julie Black suggests we turn our attention to the latest Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). The BBJ3 has awesome VIP configurations (that can accommodate 25-50 passengers) including a master double bedroom; washroom with showers; conference and living areas; and a dining table that seats six. It’s also got an awesome in-flight entertainment system that includes a satellite TV, wireless audio, and Wi-Fi access (so there’s no excuse not to ‘gram every second of the experience).


Gulfstream 650

CEO and Founder of JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov, loves the Gulfstream 650 (G650) for a variety of reasons. Among them are its 16 panoramic windows; choice of 12 floorplans, a convection oven for “home”-cooked meals; leather recliners; a private stateroom; fresh air that’s replenished every two minutes for easier breathing; wireless high-speed internet; high-def video and audio systems; and a cabin management system that synchronizes with smartphones and tablets providing touch-screen control for everything from window shades to entertainment.

Excuse us while we just go ahead and get a taste of the high life by upgrading our leg room on a commercial flight from awful to terrible…

Private jet interior image by Shutterstock

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