The People Behind The World’s Strongest Coffee Created ‘Black Hydro’ — The World’s First Caffeinated Mineral Water

If you’re a serious caffeine junkie, sometimes you need more than just a ridiculously-strong cup of coffee. Sometimes you need that extra jolt via caffeine-infused body wash or breath mints. Or, when you’re hungover, you need that kick-in-the-ass that also hydrates you from last night’s bender.

Introducing Black Hydro, the world’s first caffeinated mineral water. It’s from the people behind Black Insomnia Coffee, the makers of the world’s strongest cup of coffee. You can buy it over on Amazon to try for yourself. It’s a claim the Black Insomnia people back up with science:

This isn’t just wishful thinking: our coffee has been tested independently by ‘Globally Renowned’ SGS laboratories, and the certified results prove that Black Insomnia is naturally higher in caffeine than other brands. With 702 mg per 12 fl. oz cup, Black Insomnia is 27% stronger than runner-up Wodfee and an impressive 33% stronger than DeathWish. Naturally, Black Hydro has been created with the same approach.

Here’s the deal with Black Hydro caffeine-infused mineral water, which you can also buy on Amazon.

Whether you love coffee but need some variety, or whether you’re an energy junkie looking for an alternative to sugary sports drinks, Black Hydro is the perfect solution (yes, figuratively and literally).

Black Hydro will energize you without compromising on hydration (because let’s be real – we all tend to neglect our H2O intake when things get wild).

It’s perfect for a quick energy boost before or during a workout; a little extra juice for your brain before that big presentation,

and it’s the best possible way to avoid sleep bar injecting adrenaline directly into your eyeballs.

No sugar. No calories. No chemicals.

It isn’t just about caffeine – Black Hydro is free from chemicals and other nasty stuff that tends to lurk unseen in mineral water. It also contains NO sugar and NO calories, making it ideal for those of you trying to live clean, lose weight, or keep fit.

Whether you’re simply trying to survive, or whether you’re a hardcore gym-fanatic getting pumped for your next workout, Black Hydro is that thing that’s been missing in your life.

That said, their PR announcement does come with a disclaimer:

WARNING: Although perfectly safe to drink, we’d like to mention that this is not a drink for the faint hearted. It’s a drink that has real consequences (for example, being a better version of yourself) So consume wisely and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Go grab a case of Black Hydro over on Amazon… 

BUY IT: $24.50

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