Set The Perfect Ambiance In Your Home With An Incense Discovery Set

Blackbird Incense Discovery Set

Handmade in Blackbird’s studio in Seattle, this Discovery Set is the perfect introduction to experimenting with different types of incense.

Inside the set, you get 9 different packs: Ai, Gorgo, Izba, Lone, Mars, Muru, Ploom, Targa, and Tilde.

Each pack comes with 2 cones, and each cone burns for about 20 minutes at a time and can be extinguished and relit when you want.

Blackbird Incense Discovery Set

Whenever you’re burning incense it’s important to find a good holder. From stones to seashells, to specially made holders, you can burn the incense on them and not have to worry about embers or ash getting everywhere. Just make sure to avoid cheaply made incense holders if you decide to buy a proper one.

Blackbird Incense Discovery Set

There are lots of opinions out there on the potential health benefits of incense—how it helps reduce anxiety and assist better physical and mental health.

Whether you believe those claims or not, the truth about incense is it does a great job at setting the mood of a room. They’re like a better version of a candle, and with a discovery pack you can find out what specific scents you like for certain activities.

Light one type of scent for when you want to sit back and enjoy your favorite vinyl record. Then, light another one when it’s time to dive into a good book.

Try this kit out and notice how much more inviting your home becomes when you focus on finding your favorite scent.

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