Which Blue Diamond Almond Flavor Is The Snack Champion For College Hoops This Year?

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Guys, somehow, someway, there’s a certain college hoops tourney tipping off today. Not sure how the heck that happened, but here we are, prepping for the best time of year when we all find a reason to post up in front of a TV to take in all the action. It really is glorious, isn’t it?

Before plopping down on a couch or streaming games on your laptop, you’ve got to have the right snacks to chow down on during the games. But because the first-round matchups stretch all afternoon and night, the last thing anyone needs is to feel full after the first hour. That’s why Blue Diamond Almonds should be the go-to snack while watching the intense action of the tournament this year. Blue Diamond Almonds are a superfood* packed with super flavor and come in a variety of different flavors, perfect for snacking on while watching the games.


But which flavor of Blue Diamond Almonds is the best choice when watching college hoops? Well, considering I’ve tried every single option, I figured the best way to decide is to set up a bracket-like competition. I mean, that’s only fitting, right?

Similar to the college hoops tourney, I’ve gone ahead and seeded each flavor, and because I’m in charge of this thing, I have such power to do so. Sorry, those are the rules. I’ve also assigned a college team to each based off of their flavor profile, because that makes it more fun. Take a look below to see the results.

  • Honey Roasted (Kentucky)
  • Smokehouse® (Gonzaga)
  • Habanero BBQ (North Carolina)
  • Sriracha (Michigan)
  • Spicy Dill Pickle (Baylor)

Now let’s break things down to see which wow-inducing flavor of Blue Diamond Almonds is the champ.


Kentucky (No. 1 seed and two-round bye)

When it comes to a classic taste, nothing beats the flavor of Blue Diamond Honey Roasted Almonds. Much like Kentucky hoops, these things just hit differently, and have an advantage over every other flavor out there. That’s why they get the first-round bye and this bracket’s top seed.

Gonzaga (No. 2 seed) over Baylor (No. 5 seed)

Not far behind the Honey Roasted flavor is Blue Diamond Smokehouse® Almonds, which combines a sweet but smokey flavor in each almond. As great as these are, I did try to resist eating the entire can in one sitting — unlike the Honey Roasted almonds — which is why it gets the No. 2 seed here.

A potential underdog, Blue Diamond BOLD Spicy Dill Pickle Almonds might sound interesting on the surface, but wait till you snack on half of the can to realize how amazing, zesty, and flavorful these things are. It’s garlicky and vinegary goodness with a spicy kick. Similar to the Baylor hoops team, these almonds just came up short against the big dogs in the bracket.

Michigan (No. 4 seed) over North Carolina (No. 3 seed)

The Michigan hoops team has always had lots of flair and swag, so, naturally, the Blue Diamond BOLD Sriracha Flavored Almonds felt like a solid comparison. Personally, these were the almonds I was most excited to try. They farewell and pack a tangy and interesting combo of flavor, so they’re a legit contender to win this almond tourney — hence the upset over North Carolina.

A real kick of flavor, Blue Diamond BOLD Habanero BBQ Flavored Almonds are a great option when looking for something a little bit different. They’re both spicy and smokey but, it can be an acquired taste, much like the North Carolina hoops team, and some may find that reaching for one of the almond flavors above is the preferred move.


Michigan (No. 4 seed) over Gonzaga (No. 2 seed)

The upstart Sriracha pulls off another upset, knocking off the Habanero BBQ to reach the Blue Diamond Almonds Title Game. The bold combination of heat and tanginess in Sriracha almonds is just too much for the Habanero BBQ to handle.


Kentucky (No. 1 seed) over Michigan (No. 4 seed)

It was a stiff battle, but the No. 1 seed held off the Cinderella in this tourney. As mentioned above, I ate the entire can of Honey Roasted Almonds in one sitting, meaning they were the equivalent of shooting lights out from behind the arc in a college hoops tourney game. The Sriracha had a good run, but, in the end, it was an old classic cutting the nets down.

Since Blue Diamond Almonds are superfoods* and have the right balance of energy, 5g of protein, and 3g of fiber per serving, you can feel fully satisfied without packing on tons of pounds. They really are the perfect snack while watching college hoops this year.

These crave-worthy almonds help bring energy to root on your favorite team, while bringing so much flavor to snack time.. And they’re much healthier than something like wings, potato chips, or pizza. So, choose your favorite and snack on!

*28 almonds have 5g plant protein and are an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin E and a good source Magnesium


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