Relive The Glory Of Childhood Gaming With This Bluetooth SNES Controller That Works With Your Smartphone


8bitdo Tech

The amount of old school Super Nintendo games you can find, download, and play on your smartphone, tablet, or computer these days is pretty much limitless. If that game existed for the SNES then it’s almost assured that you can track it down now. But they just aren’t as much fun to play without that old school SNES controller, are they? Enter the SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller (on sale today for $34.95), which you can hook up to your iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac and get to the goddamn gaming.

And bros, do you remember the glory days of playing Super Nintendo on that classic gray controller with its signature purple push buttons? 8Bitdo is bringing it back again with the SNES30, a 1:1 original design that supports both Bluetooth and USB connections. Connect with your favorite device or computer to play any modern game, and easily mount your phone with the expandable clipping phone mount.


8bitdo Tech


8bitdo Tech


8bitdo Tech

— Play all the latest games w/ an old school controller
— Connect via Bluetooth or the included USB cable
— Use w/ your PC, Mac, iPad, Android & more
— Play multiplayer games using the dual-keyboard code system for iOS
— Play w/ up to four players on Wii w/ Wiimote emulation support
— Play touchscreen-only games w/ touchscreen simulation
— Mount your phone at the perfect angle


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