Business Casual Jeans For Bros — The Feel Of Jeans In A Style Appropriate For The Workplace


Mott and Bow

One of the brutal realities of entering the workplace is that overnight your wardrobe becomes nearly useless, and you have to invest in a whole new set of work clothes. Most offices these days are ‘business casual’, meaning that jeans can fly but only sometimes. That’s where the new Twill Denim jeans from Mott & Bow come into play.

Now traditionally I’m a khakis/chinos man, I just prefer the look, which is actually why I’m into these Twill Denim jeans from Mott & Bow. I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now and I figured it was high time to share these with you bros, in case any of you are on the hunt for some new jeans/slacks:

Clean & Soft Twill Denim from Mott & Bow


Mott and Bow


Mott and Bow

via Mott & Bow:

Introducing our soft twill denim line. Get the feel, fit and aesthetics of your favorite jeans, but in washes appropriate for business casual events and everyday wear. Constructed with our smooth 20% stretch Mercer denim, these jeans are incredibly soft and comfortable.
Our Mercer denim is a blank canvas that begins in cotton’s natural off-white color. After the jean has been fully sewn, the denim is dyed and fixed to achieve the color of our choosing. Below are some of our options.

The color and cut give the Clean & Soft Twill Denim the look of being chinos (depending on the color) but you get the feel of jeans, which I know a lot of you bros prefer. These new pants from Mott & Bow come in a Blue, Khaki, and Blue/Black, which pretty much hits on all the major colors you’d want to wear in the office.

Just so we’re clear here I have absolutely no reason to push these jeans on you bros, I just came to love the style/feel myself and wanted to share them with you. So if you’re interested in learning more or picking up a pair for yourself you can follow the link below!

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