This Flexible 10-Bit Tool NEEDS To Be In Your Toolbox Whether You’re Into DIY Or Just Want To Be Prepared



It has been a while since I featured any traditional tools here on BroBible. In recent days I’ve been focusing on the Everyday Carry (EDC) tools as well as knives, so I figured today would be a good day to make mention of a tool that every bro should have in his toolbox: the 10-bit Cycop BiTool.

Whether you’re a serious DIY enthusiast who owns every tool under the sun or you’re a bachelor who keeps an emergency toolbox at home stocked with the bare necessities, the Cycop BiTool 100% needs to be in your toolbox. Let’s check it out so you see why I’m so hyped on this one:







You really can’t put a price on DIY maintenance, and it’s essential to have dependable tools you can rely on. Whether you’re a professional or just like to save money by fixing things yourself, the Cycop Bitool needs to be in your toolbox. Light and portable for everyday care, yet extremely sturdy, this 10-bit tool will reach all the tough spots a screwdriver can’t.

— Grip a wide variety of screws w/ 10-bit capability
— Use it for a long time, thanks to wear-resistant & ultra hard S-2 steel bits & a CNC-machined aluminum body
— Pack it for everyday use in your pocket or toolbox
— Reach the tightest nooks & crannies w/ a flexible head & a thin diameter

Buy your 10 Bit CYCOP BITOOL Today For Only $39!!! (On Sale From $45)