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In their own words:

The idea behind Brotein is to reach out to the average Bro or Brodette who may not be a weightlifter but is an athlete who enjoys to run, surf, dance, skateboard, ski, hike, etc. These Bros and Brodettes are the forgotten athletes, so Brotein was founded to be a product everyone can enjoy and use to maintain their energy and diet in a fast paced world.

Our bars incorporate fun & great taste with a maximum balance of nutrition. Unlike most meal replacement bars, these bars are not full of sugar & wasteful fillers. Most bars on the market today are the equivalent of candy bars, but Brotein Bars are made differently, with nutrition at the forefront of our focus. These great-tasting bars will fill you up without slowing you down. Made with the young athlete in mind, Brotein Bars are great for any person with an active lifestyle. Whether you are into surfing, skateboarding, ultimate frisbee, weight lifting, or anything that requires exhausting your body’s energy supply, having one of our bars in your pocket is a great way to keep your nutrition clean & your performance at its peak!


The folks at Brotein passed along a dope prize pack to giveaway to one lucky BroBible reader. It includes a Brotein tank, a few Brotein wristbands, and a Brotein t-shirt (pictured above and below). All you have to do to enter is FOLLOW BROBIBLE ON TWITTER and RT the following Tweet:



Giveaway ends on Friday, January 25 at 11:59 PM, so get Tweeting! We'll select a winning RTer next week.