Dr. Squatch Roars Out A New Jurassic Park Soap Collection (Limited Edition)

Dr. Squatch Jurassic Park soap collection

In the immortal words of Dr. Ian Malcolm, “You did it. You crazy son of a b****, you did it.”

Nope, we’re not talking about extracting brontosaurus DNA out of a mosquito preserved in amber. Rather, a legendary Internet-famous soap brand accomplished something that deserves its own blockbuster accolades:

Introducing the Dr. Squatch Jurassic Park soap collection, now available online via DrSquatch.com.

Dr. Squatch just released its officially-licensed Jurassic Park collab, featuring two bricks of gritty soap named after prehistoric predators. Both smell uniquely earthy with hints of sweet tropical fruit, like an exotic island theme park inhabited by sci-fi dinosaurs.

Now read this next part in the voice of Dr. John Hammond (Richard Attenborough, David Attenborough’s brother):

Raptor Rush is inspird by the movie’s legendary Velociraptors, with a notably spring scent. King of the Briccs features a heavy grit for exfoliation, with woodsy hints of spice. Both will leave you feeling like a paleontologist ready to help life find a way.   

I’d like to imagine the Dr. Squatch Jurassic Park soap is what the soap would be like in the Jurissic Park resort hotel if the whole mad experiment actually worked out. You know, instead of cinematic chaos and carnage.

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Dr. Squatch Jurassic Park soap in an ferny natural setting that looks like the movie

Raptor Rush – Dr. Squach Jurassic Park Soap

Dr. Squatch Raptor Rush Jurassic Park soap bar


  • Medium Grit soap feature exfoliating Fossil Powder
  • Features conditioning Dino Egg Fruit Extract, a fasinating pluots that’s a cross-pollination of plums and apricots (Google it!)
  • Features Dinosaur Plant Extract, an herb in the moss family that’s native to the Chihuahuan Desert and the Southwestern United States


King Of The Briccs – Dr. Squach Jurassic Park Soap

Dr. Squatch King Of The Bricc Jurassic Park soap bar


  • Heavy Grit soap feature “exfoliating Amber”
  • Features skin-conditioning Dragon’s Blood, a natural resin that comes from the fruit of the Daemonorops draco tree, commonly noted for it’s lovely scent and antiviral and wound-healing effects.
  • Features hydrating Sawtooth Oak Extract, for a rich oaky scent and feel. 


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