A Stupidly Easy Way to Shotgun Beers! Plus 10 Things We Want

Beer Tusk Shotgun Tool, $12


Raging Mammoth pitched the Beer Tusk to us this week, and we think it's brilliant. Shotgunning has long needed an innovation—a spark—that would prevent the bloody fingers and sprayed beer that inevitably comes with sticking a key into an aluminum can. The Beer Tusk aims to be just that innovation, while doubling as a bottle opener you can fit on your key chain. Pop it into your finest Busch Lite.

Adidas D-Rose 4, $140

There's been an impressive amount of thought put into Derrick Rose's new Adidas line—this “Madison Avenue” edition, for instance, features deep blue that represents Chicago's bodies of water and infared to signify the “bright lights” of downtown Chicago's most famous street. It's a little much.

But if you're a Bulls fan, you're so fucking happy to have Rose back (despite their stumbling start) that you'll probably grab anything D-Rose related. Even if the tongue on this shoe is around 26 inches tall.

Under Armour Performance Chinos, $79

Under Armour is in the chinos game now. The fit is slim without being too skinny, and the waist is comfortable. UA world domination continues unabated.

TMNT Backpack, $54.99

It's new to the holiday season, but it will live forever in my heart: A TMNT-themed tortoise-shell backpack—with throwing knives and NUNCHUCKS—that also comes equipped with Raphael and Michelangelo masks because Raphael and Michelangelo were the coolest ninja turtles and this package is fucking perfect. I want to be nine again. You want to be nine again. We would rule the playground with this thing. Fuck your L.A. Lights or whatever children's apparel item is “hot” this season. (Does Beiber have a shoe?) The TMNT backpack is the best.

Zepp Sensor, $129

Zepp's new 3D Multi-Sport Motion Sensor attaches to any club, bat, or racket, capturing data from your swing and wirelessly relaying it to your smartphone or computer. You can actually replay your swing in a 360-degree rotation. Zepp also analyzes your body turn, swing speed, and other data. Odds it'll help your swing, whatever the sport? High. Odds this becomes a contest among bros to see who can swing harder? Enormously high. 

Coming Nov. 19.

iLoud, $299

Two quick things for any audiophiles out there: The iLoud advertises itself as the first studio-quality portable speaker for musicians to produce, mix, and compose on the go.

Nocs NS900 Headphones, $250

And the Nocs NS900 headphones—years in the making—are perfect for aspiring or established DJs. Or anyone who likes balanced sound and isn't afraid to pay a pretty penny for it.

Movember Mobile App, $Free

We're eight days into Movember and I can now longer walk beside schools and playgrounds. On the positive side, I've been celebrating the month with the Movember's iPhone presence, an app that shares picture updates of your 'stache's progress and even will create a stop-motion video of the lip sweater's growth on November 30th.

Most importantly, it gives you plenty of chances to donate to prostate cancer charities. Which makes the police encounters totally worth it.

An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth, $17

For a few months this year, Col. Chris Hadfield had arguably the world's best Twitter account, period. He tweeted hundreds of times as commander of the Exploration 35, orbiting around the Earth in the International Space Station, and it was great—he took shots of the Sahara desert and North America from 250 miles up, and he wasn't afraid to look silly brushing his teeth or singing “Space Oddity.” Hadfield has now written a book about his time as an astronaut and in space, and it looks to be required reading for anyone interested in this stuff.

Skyrunner Flying ATV, $119,000

Utterly insane.

From Cool Material:

Say you are driving along taking in the fall foliage and a lake gets in your way. With the SkyRunner by Parajet you can simply take off and make that lake your bitch. Wrapped in the fiberglass and carbon fiber body is a 1 liter 4 cylinder engine that takes the sub 1000 pound SkyRunner to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and tops out at 115 mph. Shift into aviation mode and the parasail will whisk you up to 15,000 feet while cruising at 55 mph.


The SkyRunner will be available for super-villains and irresponsible trust fund heirs in mid-2014.