Why Braun’s Series 9 Razor Is The Best Electric Shaver For Dad This Father’s Day

Presented in partnership with Braun

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s probably time for Dad to upgrade his electric shaver for his summer quarantine trim. Or maybe it’s just time for you to save him from further butchering his hair. If your Dad is anything like mine, he’s been spending hours staring in the mirror trying to find a way to replicate his experience at the barbershop from home. Even cutting a trash bag to fit around his body to mimic the cape they normally give you…. Don’t ask.

Either way, you’ll want to get him a gift that’s long-lasting and something he’ll get a ton of use out of. The brand new Series 9 electric shaver from Braun is the best on the market for Father’s Day. This shaver can last up to seven years, so Dad won’t be needing to buy a new one anytime soon. If Dad is especially keen on saving money, this shaver (with practice) can save him from ever having to visit the barber again post-quarantine.

This electric shaver definitely beats my usual Father’s Day gift of a homemade coupon book (with coupons like “go on a bike ride together” or “clean the car”) that my Dad thankfully rarely ever used. Oh, and then there’s this little tidbit: Through June 30th, the Braun Series 9 is $40 off + an additional 10% off your first order when using the promo code BROBIBLE at checkout. That’s a huge deal when considering the ideal Father’s Day gift.


So what is it about Braun‘s new Series 9 shaver that makes it so great? First off, it’s a significant upgrade from their earlier models, offering up 20% more battery life and a new LED Pro Display. It also provides a close, gentle shave, and is suitable for wet or dry shaving — not much else you can ask for in an electric shaver.

But because we believe the devil’s in the details, see for yourself what really separates the Series 9 from the competition by checking out the info below.

  • 10D Flex Head. Independently flexible cutting elements mounted on a 10 directional pivoting head: MicroMotion combined with MacroMotion for maximum facial adaptability, giving you more skin contact for a more thorough shave.
  • Clean & Charge System. A shaver like new every day. The Clean & Charge station cleans hygienically, lubricates, dries and charges your shaver at the touch of a button.
  • SyncroSonic™ Technology with 40,000 Cross-Cutting Actions Per Minute. Multiplied by Sonic technology. Braun’s patented SyncroSonic™ technology reads and adapts to your beard. Checking its density 160 times per minute. Providing extra power exactly where needed most.
  • Advanced 32bit Chip. Adjusts the shaver’s power to your beard to shave even the densest beard efficiently.
  • Titanium Coated Trimmer. Titanium is an extremely durable metal and highly resistant to corrosion. Plus, it makes quite an appearance. That‘s why Braun uses it for the coating of the trimmer.

Remember, through June 30th, the Braun Series 9 is $40 off + an additional 10% off your first order when using the promo code BROBIBLE at checkout, so it’s pretty much a steal of a deal.


When it comes to the perfect Father’s Day gift, snagging dad the best electric shaver on the market is an unbeatable option — which is why Braun‘s new Series 9 shaver is the first and last place to look. And thanks to this shaver’s beard density adjustment, which reads the the texture of facial hair and adjusts power, your dad will love stepping in front of the mirror to get all handsome each morning.

Don’t forget, through June 30th, the Braun Series 9 is $40 off + an additional 10% off your first order when using the promo code BROBIBLE at checkout — so make sure to scoop one for your dad’s Father’s Day gift ASAP.


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