Dude Builds $70 ‘Hackintosh’ Computer And It Outperforms Loaded 2016 MacBook Pro

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Quinn from the Snazzy Labs YouTube channel set out with the main goal of building a Hackintosh (or ‘crapintosh’ as he calls it) with respectable specs that could handle any average user’s day-to-day workload…but the overarching goal was to do it as cheaply as possible. Little did he know, he’d end up spending just $70 on a ‘Hackintosh’ that would go on to outperform a loaded 2016 13″ MacBook Pro…Not a great look for Apple, is it?

The 2016 13″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar retails for $2,000+ and he was able to exceed those performance benchmarks with just SEVENTY DOLLARS and some time spent ordering products on Amazon. Which, by the way, if you want to order them yourself he links out to the products he used in the description of the video on YouTube.

One major loophole that Quinn used in the building of this computer is ‘surplus warehouses’. Most colleges replace their computers after a specified period of time regardless of whether or not the machines are still functioning well. So he went on down to his local college in Utah and scooped up an HP 6300 for just $30 because it was sitting in a warehouse, decommissioned and put out to pasture. When you’re using hacks like that to save money then it’s conceivable that you can build a badass computer for cheap. Of course, you need to know that hacks like that even exist and someone like myself wouldn’t have a clue that these surplus warehouses exist without watching videos like this one…There was also the $5 SSD gamble that paid off for him.

Anyway, here’s the performance charge showing how this $70 Hackintosh ranked against other computers on the market:

$70 hackintosh computer

YouTube / Snazzy Labs

hackintosh computer

YouTube / Snazzy Labs

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to save $1,930 on a $2,000 computer? This is inspiring.

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