Hate Having To Piss Every 20 Minutes When You Drink? This Absurd Product Is Here To Solve That Problem


Meet the HeWee. It’s a jockstrap that allows you to take a piss whenever your little heart desires. As you can see from the photo, at the base of the strap there is a tube (it comes in three sizes to accommodate all dick-types) and at the base of the tube is where you hook up a tear-resistant sack that will hold your urine.

The HeWee has a lot of practical uses. It’s especially useful for guys who engage in adventure activities with both a lack of proper toilet facilities and the ability to whip your dick out and just pee wherever you want. I thought peeing wherever you want, whenever you want was the beauty of having a dick, but I suppose some men don’t subscribe to the same barbaric ideals…

I could see this being especially popular with people looking to celebrate New Years Eve in Times Square. This also seems like something you might want to buy if you’re into attending festivals, crowded bars or sporting events; if you like making fantastic time on long car rides (what guy doesn’t?); if you are a chronic bed pissers; and if you want to scare the shit out of a girl when she jams her hand down your pants the next time you’re about to get laid.

[H/T Custom Divers]