Here’s How You Can Make Huge Crystal Clear Cocktail Ice Cubes At Home And Impress Every Alcoholic You Know

Making the ‘perfect cocktail’ requires a few pieces to come together in perfect boozy harmony. Most importantly you’ll need to start with quality liquor, something we’ve covered here on BroBible exhaustively under our ‘Booze’ category. After booze it’s my opinion that the type of glass you’re drinking out of is of the utmost importance, and I think it’s not just the style of the glassware but the actual quality of the glassware that’s important (I’m a bit of a snobby beotch though when it comes to stemware, and I get that it’s one of those ‘to each his own’ situations).

Not to be forgotten is the third piece of the puzzle, after the booze (as well as other ingredients) and the glassware you’ve still got to serve that drink over ice…most of the time. If a drink is meant to be drank over the rocks these days I’m on board with making LARGE ice cubes or ice balls.

For a while now I’ve been using the Rox Ice Ball Maker (less than $8), and I still think that it’s the best/most affordable ice ball maker on the market. However, after watching that video above I think I might have to experiment with the method from the video above, because it does look pretty badass when all of the impurities are scraped out of the ice cubes and you’re left to drink out of crystal clear blocks of ice that you can basically cut into any shape of your choosing.

While I’ll never give up on my Rox Ice Ball Maker, I am thinking that this new method will be perfect for certain occasions when I’m really trying to step up my game…like 4th of July when I want to make my country proud by punishing my liver into submission.

[via Cocktail Chemistry YouTube]