Stop Carrying Water Bottles During Intense Runs And Hikes And Get A HydraQuiver Carrier


Leave it up to an avid marathoner, hiker and triathlete to design a way to carry water around without really having to carry water around.

After a particularly dehydrating run, Josh Sprague developed the HydraQuiver — a vestpack designed with a back-mounted water pouch that tucks snugly between the shoulder blades. It leaves a person’s arms completely free for that extra push when running and the bottle won’t jostle. HydraQuiver comes in single and double barrel sizes.

For nighttime activities, the HydraQuiver comes with a reflective logo on the bottle holder and an area at the base of the pack to attach a jacket or shirt. It also has hidden pockets hold keys, cards, and snacks and a cell phone to call an Uber to come pick your exhausted ass up.