i.N.i Cooperative Bros Go Road Trippin’ To Joshua Tree To Show Off Sick Outerwear

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If you’re a fan of dope outerwear for an active lifestyle and not familiar with i.N.i Cooperative, it’s time to acquaint yourself. The Oregon-based company aspired to redefine the apparel game for Bros who love outdoor pursuits like snowboarding, hiking, and camping. Their general goal is to focus on creating products that have a low environmental impact yet are still rad enough for any Bro who takes his style seriously. Think beanies made from recycled materials, lift-line ready puffy winter jackets made 100% from polyester light-weight Dobbywaterproof board pants made from recycled polyester slub yarn canvas weave, and hoodies made out of an organic and cotton blend.

Check out their whole product catalog here. If you shred or enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, i.N.i Cooperative apparel is seriously ill.

To showcase the a few of their threads, a couple Bros took a trip to Joshua Tree to camp and ramble on the desert rocks. Here’s the video they shot of the adventure.

Road Trippin – Joshua Tree from i.N.i Cooperative on Vimeo.