10 Ridiculous Items from the 2013 Gift Guide for Billionaires

The 20,000-square-foot backyard treehouse [above] comes with “zip lines, a pool, a lazy river, a helipad, a water-operated elevator, and more.” What constitutes “more” in this scenario is god-knows-what: An anti-aircraft defense system may be involved.

The treehouse includes five separate pods connected to a central trunk, with enclosed glass walkways connecting the rooms. Each pod can house a gym, spa, napping quarters (with hammocks), greenhouse, or library. The proposed design from Master Wishmakers is customizable. So, yeah, the world is your oyster here.

Here are nine more things to buy instead of, I dunno, feeding a country for a year:

$83-million sky yacht

$1-million Galpin Ford GTR1

$460,000 Hervé Van der Straeten furniture

$92-million mega yacht

(With a 2,300-foot sundeck and glass bottom pool.)

$2.5-million safe room

(Offering storage for cash, jewelry, and watches not found in a bank.) (Note: the same storage spaces can be found in a bank.)

$32-million Triton submersible

$30-million backyard stadium

(Designed by the same firm responsible for Yankee Stadium; includes seating for 100 and wraparound video screens.)

$1.3-million samurai-style swords

$50-million Trump SoHo penthouse

(WARNING: You may have to meet Donald Trump.)

[H/T: CurbedDaily Mail]