Know Thy Nuts Soap Is A Reminder To Keep Clean And Check Yourself For Lumps Once In A While

Know Thy Nuts

It’s important to keep clean and stay healthy. This soap will do both.

Know Thy Nuts soap on a rope.

Just in time for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, we’re letting it all hang out with this limited edition Know Thy Nuts soap-on-a-rope. It’s a ballsy move, but we reckon this soap will be right at home in your shower, bathtub, or guest bathroom. Act quickly, there’s only 650 of them for sale and they are sure to sell out quickly.

While you’re admiring your fine new pair of soapy nads, take a moment to get to know your own. If you notice any lumps, swelling, pain or anything that doesn’t feel right, see a doctor. Each soap comes with a guide to getting friendly with your testicles.

Grab a pair now. All proceeds go to Movember Foundation’s testicular cancer initiatives. You’d be nuts not to.

See what I did there?

[via Cool Material]