9 Last Minute Gifts For The Active Bro Under $50


We already featured a great sports deal today (the TRX suspension trainer that is on sale for $99), but here are 9 more gifts ideas in case you’re all out of originality. The best part is you can get all of these gifts delivered before Christmas and most of them are currently heavily discounted.


Under Armour Two-Pack of Shorts
Under Armour Shorts

I don’t know if I’m more tired of sweating or doing loads of laundry. Probably both. Since I can’t do anything about the heat, I should do something about the abundance of laundry. That’s why this Under Armour 2-pack deal is so sweet — two pair of shorts means less wash and dry. The shorts come in Steel, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue and Black!

Buy: $49

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter


Water is the MOST essential item to survival, and when you’re camping the last thing you ever want to do is run out of water. With the LifeStraw every lake or stream in the world suddenly becomes a source of drinkable water. You won’t need to boil that water, drop expensive tablets in it, with the LifeStraw you just dip it in the stream and start drinking. It doesn’t matter if you’re camping or just traveling, with a LifeStraw you can drink anytime you have a water source (no matter how dirty).

Buy: $13.99

3-Pack Of Military-Grade LED Camping Lanterns


For those of you going camping, you need a quality lantern so you aren’t left in the dark. But you don’t want to lug around huge lanterns when you have your other gear to transport. Etekcity’s portable outdoor LED camping lantern not only lightweight, but they also collapsable so they’re easy to carry. Plus, you can bang them around because they feature a military-grade exterior and they are water resistant. Etekcity is so convinced that these lanterns are durable AF that they offer a 10-year warranty.

These lanterns have up to 12 hours of bright omnidirectional lighting powered by 30 individual low powered LED bulbs. Meaning these lanterns will keep the lights on for the entire night or until you pass out drunk.

But you don’t have to use these lanterns just for camping. Keep them around for power outages or take your party outside.

The lanterns come highly recommended, garnering 4.9 out of 5 stars on 287 Amazon customer reviews.

Buy: $19

Engineering The Alpha


John Romaniello is a veritable wealth of fitness information. Which makes his New York Times best selling book, Engineering The Alpha, one of the best gifts you can give this holiday season. Not only will the book educate on all things fitness, nutrition, and hormones, though. It serves as a book to teach about life, and how to go about kicking ass each and every day. Which I think sets it apart compared to most others.

Buy: $21.99

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones


I totally get why people want to be able to choose their own jams while they’re lifting. Sometimes you know exactly what you need to put you in the zone. But to rely on wires in order to make that happen? What are you? A peasant?

Upgrade your auditory experience in the gym but snagging some wireless headphones. Not only will it get unnecessary wires out of the way, they’ll stay in place when you’re running, lifting, or doing just about anything else you’ll find yourself doing in the gym.

And the best part is that the technology has advanced so much to this point that you really don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in order to get a good product.

Buy: $45

Blender Bottle With Twist N’ Lock Storage
BlenderBottle ProStak System with 22-Ounce Bottle

The BlenderBottle ProStak System has set the industry standard for cups designed to hold protein shakes, supplements, and powders. It’s a MUST HAVE for any bro that drinks supplements on a regular basis, and today it’s on sale for $10. Before we get ahead of ourselves though let’s take a look at the product and its features:

Buy: $10

SPRI Heavy Jump Ropes (From 2 to 5lb Ropes)

2016 Holiday Gift Guide For Men - SPRI Heavy Jump Ropes

This is another gift that’s perfect for any man serious about fitness. These SPRI Heavy Jump Ropes come in four sizes: 2-pound rope, 4-pound, 5-pound, and 6-pound. This is certain to be a well-received gift on Christmas morning.

Buy Today: $48

Tesla Men’s Cool Dry Compression Baselayer Pants


For less than the price of a meal at ENTER NAME OF SHITTY CHAIN RESTAURANT HERE, you can have a complete baselayer set for all your fall sporting needs. Whether you’re a runner, a flag footballer, a golfer, or just a fan in the stands trying to stay warm, Tesla’s baselayer pants and shirt can work for you. Primarily because you’re going to pay less than $25 COMBINED for the pants and the shirt.

Buy: $17

Tesla Men’s Cool Dry Compression Baselayer Long Sleeve Baselayer T Shirts


Buy: $16

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