A Lawnmower That Goes 130 MPH! Plus 10 Things We Want

Buster Bash Pro, $Free

Buster Posey is the freakishly talented catcher for the world-champion San Francisco Giants and, because his life wasn't quite perfect enough, is now the proud owner of one of the more addictive baseball iPhone games on the market. Buster Bash Pro's graphics bring back not-unwelcome memories of Backyard Baseball, and its simple swing mechanics ensure bathroom visits that push the half-hour mark. Also, it's free. So there's that.

Le Retro Knife, $75

Two blades. A saw. A bottle opener. A punch hole. A corkscrew and a piercing tool. Every man needs a quality pocket knife, and Le Retro Knife stands out from the bunch with a design cribbed straight from the 1950s—you'll be saying, “What're you, a WISE GUY?” then stabbing your friends over the latest Chubby Checker album before no time!

Honda HF260 Mean Mower, $TBD

Lunacy. Brilliant lunacy. Honda Team Dynamics “cannibalized” a 1000cc ATV, inserted its guts into a stock HF260 ride, and then killed several lawn care enthusiasts during a test run.

Kidding. But I'd be very surprised if this beauty—which, yes, reaches triple-digits on the speedometer—will ever see public sale.

Chromecast, $35

Google's bid for into cutting Apple TV and Roku's market share: Chromecast is a tiny hardware key (called a “dongle,” if you referring to your technology like you do your penis) that lets you wirelessly stream content from your laptop or tablet onto your HDTV. Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu are supported, and Netflix even gives you three free months. Almost as good as that free three years provided by your parents.

Nike Pegasus 83 SD, $140

Nike commemorates the 30th anniversary of its most famous running shoe with a new release. Crooked Tongues seems to have a different version in stock. Both look fine.

8 oz. Flask & Waxed Canvas Case, $148

Most flasks carry around 6 oz of liquor. This flask carries 8. 

Best Made Company is responsible for crafting camp supplies, axe cases, and “manly” aprons. Its latest creation is this eight ounce English-made pewter flask, “sheathed in an American-made waxed canvas-nylon case.” I want to be drunk in the woods now. Wait, I always want to be drunk in the woods.

Crowsflight App, $Free

Oh, here we go. The perfect thing to drunkenly stumble around with your flask!

From Bless this Stuff:

Crowsflight is a map without a map, it is a GPS compass that simply points. No instructions, maps to read or paths to follow. It is a radical new wayfinding without guided map, it uses a compass and GPS to point you in the right direction.


One Today, $Free

Hey, here's something nice. Google just developed an app called One Today, which presents you with a new project every day from a “non-profit that's changing the world.” If you like the cause, you can easily donate $1. if you really like the cause—like, say, the one that provides water for that village up there—then you can share it with your friends. (“Look how conscientious I am!”) But if you want to pass, no biggie; they'll hit you up with a new charity the next day. (Although, it's literally one dollar. Don't overthink it.)

Heisenberg Hat, $TBD

It's not that drastic of an exaggeration to say that August 11 is one of the most anticipated television days… ever. Breaking Bad returns, Heisenberg returns, and all will be right in the world again—or as right as the story of a crystal meth cook's descent into evil can be. A limited run of WW's hats sold out during San Diego's Comic-Con. More will be crafted by Goorin, and should be online soon. I can't tell you whether you'll be able to purchase one by the season five premiere, so, until then, maybe hold yourself over with this (pretty funny) shirt?

Handleband, $25

Attach the Handleband to your bike, place your phone in the Handleband, wrap the Handleband around said phone, and viola: You now don't have to leave your phone in your pocket where it can EASILY FALL OUT like a FUCKING IDIOT literally ANY TIME YOU MAKE A FUCKING TURN.

Happened to a friend.

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