Leaked Design Files ‘Confirm’ What iPhone 8 Will Look Like, But Might Be Delayed By Months

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There have been more rumors about the features and the design of the upcoming iPhone 8 that would make just about dizzy with unconfirmed speculation. However, Forbes says they have “confirmed” what the 10th anniversary iPhone will look like. Forbes combined the rumors, leaked photos, and CAD files to give you a visual as to what the iPhone 8 will look like.

Gordon Kelly, a contributing writer for Forbes, collaborating with case designer Nodus on the impressive iPhone 8 renders. Nodus allegedly acquired the CAD files through a supply chain. Apple has been distributing phone specs so that that accessory makers have enough time to make compatible products, such as cases and glass protectors. Forbes believes that this will be the final design of the hyped up handset.

Notice that Apple is following Samsung’s lead and doing away with clunky bezels around the phone. The iPhone 8 will feature a long and large 5.8-inch display, a huge jump from the iPhone 7’s 4.7-inch screen. They increased the display without making the actual chassis much larger by doing away with a physical “home” button. The top of the phone reserved for a front facing camera and sensors. The side power button is noticeably larger, which is rumored to incorporate Touch ID much like Sony already offers, and Apple has already been granted a patent for this technology. Apple is ditching the horizontal placement of the rear camera setup for a vertical alignment, which is optimal for augmented reality functions since cameras are more effective when the phone is held in landscape position.

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