Programmable LED Snowboard Plays Pac-Man And Looks Awesome Shredding The Slopes At Night

by 3 years ago
LED Snowboard

Signals Snowboards / YouTube

Snowboarding season is pretty much over for *most* of the nation (not all of it). But that doesn’t mean we can’t check out one of the most badass snowboards ever built.

This fully programmable LED snowboard from Signals Snowboards took several models before they were able to get it right. They had difficulty getting the lights all lined up and in a workable order but they’ve finally perfected the design and the result is this awesome LED snowboard that lights up the slopes at night. This video shows the board playing Pac-Man as it plows down the mountain:

Here’s a much longer version of that video (12 minutes) from Signal’s own YouTube channel which dives deeper into the development of this unique board:

I’m all for calling out a gimmick for being a gimmick, but this is definitely not that. Snowboarding and board sports, in general, have always been pushing the limits of design and technology when it comes to the boards themselves.

If you’re not familiar with Signals Snowboards they’ve got a pretty unique system set up for riders. You get to customize your board, choose an array of payment options, and for two weeks a year, you get to demo other boards in their MOD program for free. You can check it all out by following that link above.

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