Brilliant Magnetic Light Switch Key Holders Make It Impossible To Lose Your Keys In The House

by 1 year ago

Magnetic Key Holder Lightswitch

Returning home involves a few habits. One of those practices should be putting your keys in the same exact spot every time. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and your keys either get shoved in a coat pocket, work bag or even sometimes left in the front door for the entire night.

And then the next morning you’re running around the house in a panic screaming “WHERE THE F*@# ARE MY KEYS!”

The MAGKEY Magnetic Key Holder is your new best friend. It replaces the screws in your light switch panel so right after you pop on the lights, CLINK!, put your keys on the switch and they stay there until you leave.

Magnetic Key Holder Light Switch

The MAGKEY Magnetic Key Holders have a universal fit so they’re compatible with any light switch, each magnet supports up to 3 pounds, and the installation is quick and simple.

Best of all, the price. Under $10 for two hangers. That’s a small price to pay for never having to frantically search for your keys again.

BUY IT NOW: $8.99

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