Dude In Pit Viper Sunglasses Straight Chillin’ Next To Iceland’s First Erupting Volcano In 800 Years Is A Hero Among Us

There are very few brands on this planet that could inspire an otherwise reasonable man to risk incinerating his frank and beans in lava hotter than an episode of MTV’s Undressed for no other reason than to #RepTheBrand.

Photographer Sighvatsson had Pit Vipers on his face and lightning in his veins when he stripped naked and pranced around the first erupting volcano in Iceland in 800 years.

The photographer was asked to model Pit Viper sunglasses as a favor, but anyone whose peeped Pit Viper’s Instagram account, knows that modeling for Pit Viper typically requires some light beers or heavy machinery. Clothing very optional.

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Sveinn understood this immense responsibility at the detriment of his future children, and succeeded in going viral after dropping trou just a baby arm’s length from 1,300° lava that has spanned over 200 football fields in Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula at the time of this writing.

“My friends and I were joking about naked pictures in the lava field,” he tells CNN Travel. “One of my friends is a photographer and he was telling me about these sunglasses. So I said, ‘get your camera ready, I’m going to take my clothes off.'”

Norris Niman, the man who photographed his naked buddy, said Sveinn had just one minute above the piping hot lava before his hog melted like hot wax in front of hundreds of people.

“It was like standing too close to a big bonfire. So we had about a minute to snap this collection while rotating around so as not to roast either side too much and with a big crowd watching.”

Sveinn has officially etched his place in Pit Viper lore, joining the ranks of these other Living Legends who have brought the heat in support of the #69th best sunglass brand according to your mother.

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