This Full-Scale McLaren 720S Is Built Out Of LEGO Using More Than 280,000 Bricks

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McLaren 720S

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The McLaren 720S is one of the most iconic supercars ever built and it’s only been around since May 2017. A brand new McLaren 720S retails for around $283,076 if you’re even able to find one available for purchase from the manufacturer. The engine is a 4.0 L M840T twin-turbo V8 which enables the 2-door coupé to go from 0-to-62 MPH in 2.7 seconds, 0-to-124 MPH in 7.8 seconds, and a top speed of 220 MPH.

This car’s a total beast and it’s already received a cult-like following, so much so that you can buy LEGO block kits for the car on Amazon. The McLaren 720S LEGO kit only includes 161 pieces and it retails for $24.90 on Amazon. That’s a far cry from the full-scale LEGO model below.

It took over 2,000 man hours and more than 280,000 LEGO bricks to construct this full-size McLaren 720S model. This is easily one of the most ambitious LEGO projects I’ve ever seen in my life:

If we’re being honest here, I think this is awesome but I also think they could’ve gone further. They didn’t need to construct this model with an engine fit for a hypercar, but wouldn’t it have been badass if they put some sort of an engine inside of this McLaren 720S model? They could’ve thrown a GoCart engine in there and I would’ve been 100x more stoked. I just feel like if you’re going to devote 2,000 man hours to build a model of a car you might as well try and make it a working model, on some level. Maybe I’m alone here, but I feel like this could’ve gone one step further.

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