Master Microsoft Excel With This 42 Hours Of Training Content for $45

Master Microsoft Excel With This 42 Hours of Training Content

While Microsoft Excel is one of the most essential software you can use at work, it’s also one of the most daunting. Excel proficiency has long been an expectation of new hires, but even those who use it regularly have to admit that they’re far from unlocking all its secret powers. But when you overcome that initial hump, not only will you be able to conduct complex analysis like a pro, you might also become your boss’s most valuable employee

Thankfully, the days of Excel’s true power being shrouded in mystery are now over. With the 2021 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Business Intelligence Certification Bundle, anyone can go from Excel zero to office hero. Best of all, this comprehensive bundle is currently available for only $44.99. With 12 courses in total, that comes out to just $3.75 per course!

This course bundle features introductions and in-depth looks at some of the more high-functioning, analytical power that Excel has to offer. Students will come away with a solid foundation in everything from financial modeling to data visualization and beyond. The courses all come with a lifetime membership so students can learn at their own pace.

These courses are led by leading industry professionals who may as well be certified Excel wizards. One instructor, Chris Dutton, is an analytics consultant and business instructor with more than a decade of experience teaching more than 25,000 students. Meanwhile, Bryan Hong is an IT software developer who developed a passion for helping people understand complicated functions. He is an expert in Excel formulas and the author of the 101 Excel paperback series.

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Take control of your desktop and become a champion of Microsoft Excel with this powerful course bundle, on sale now for $44.99.

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