This Military Grade Backup Battery That Will Always Keep Your Phone Juiced Up, Is A Must Have


Griffin Technology

There’s truly nothing worse than finding yourself in public with a dead phone. In today’s age of sleek portable batteries there’s also no excuse for letting your phone’s battery die. And though most of the portable batteries on the market have becoming pocket-size and portable until now there’s been a void in the military grade/weather-proof sector. That’s where this totally badass and affordable external comes into play. Let’s check it out:


Griffin Technology


Griffin Technology


Griffin Technology

They call this phone and tablet backup battery Survivor for a reason. Backed with Griffin’s lifetime guarantee, this phone and tablet backup battery has been tested to Military Standard 810G, making it perfect for camping or travel. Built to resist drops on concrete surfaces from up to 2 meters, and with an IP66 water resistance rating, this backup battery will keep you online for longer when you can’t find an outlet.

— Provides up to three full recharges for iPhone 6s Plus, one full charge for iPad Air 2, & 95% of iPad Pro
— Tested to Military Standard 810G
— Keeps the battery’s charge & power ports & built-in LED emergency flashlight clean & dry using self-sealing flap
— Guaranteed for life because this pack is near indestructible
— Recharges via micro-USB, making it compatible w/ many devices
— Travels w/ you easily


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