Amazing Mini Beer Pong Set, Plus 10 Things We Want

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Hornitos Plata Tequila, $19.99

Summer’s coming up—soonish—and with that, it’s time to put away the winter whiskey (okay, not completely put away) and starting drinking something more in line with the season.

And what conjures up hot days on the ocean better than tequila? You won’t find a much finer one than Hornitos Plata. It’s as a high-end tequila that doesn’t run you big bucks and us made from 100 percent pure blue agave. The silver tequila is smooth straight up, but if you want to go wild, (and because it’s still Mardi Gras) try a Ragin’ Cajun shot. Here, let us show you:

·         1 part Hornitos® Plata Tequila

·         2 parts lemonade

·         3-4 dashes of green hot sauce

·         Salt/smoked paprika rim

Ace & Everett: American-Made Socks, $50/3

Before you balk at the price, note that these aren’t your run-of-the-mill yellow-toe socks you pick up in packs of 30 at Target. I very much like those socks because I’m cheap, but Ace & Everett’s collection is made for when you don’t want to be cheap: when you’re suited up for the office or a swanky affair, and you want to make things pop a bit in your attire.

Each sock is uniquely and colorfully designed—the names, including “neptune,” “red mamba,” and “seafoam,” should give some indication—and as an added bonus, Ace & Everett prides itself on involving every line of production in the States: They’re designed in New York, grown in the Southwest, and knit in North Carolina, making this the country’s first-ever Supima Cotton sock. Which is worth dropping a little extra change.

Apple Carplay, $TBA

CarPlay puts iOS in your dashboard, allowing passengers and pleasantly distracted drivers to navigate their iMessages and music in-car, rather than through an iPhone’s screen. Apple promises that CarPlay will become the best way to access your 5,000-song-strong music library while driving, and early demonstrations look promising.

One positive safety note: Siri is heavily used to read texts and generally keep your eyes on the road.

Adidas Pure 360, $250

The newest golf shoe from the geniuses at Adidas comes with a new type of cleat (to increase grip and stability), and climaproof leather that also looks stylish as hell. Pick it up before you go on tour.

ResQwater, $26/6

Combining the healing powers of Organic Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit Extract, Organic Cane Sugar, B vitamins, N-acetyl L-cysteine, and Milk Thistle and a whole shit-ton of Vitamin C, Resqwater promises a compound that’ll cure you of even your most vile hangover. This is how it works, and in way of a personal experience I tried it out last night after consuming the number of drinks it now takes me to get a hangover—four—and it does the job! Now, for more coffee.

New Era 1934 Collection, $75

New Era’s latest collection is an homage to its roots: crafted in Buffalo, New York, a few hundred miles west of Cooperstown, the heritage caps are made according to New Era’s 1934 specifications, and they even feature a leather sweatband. A cool (and wearable) souvenir of an item.

True Detective Infographics, $50

Time is a flat circle. And posters are… square. These infographics are crafted with minimalistic images of brand-new pop culture icons Marty and Rust, providing a public way to declare your obsession with True Detective. Word on the bayou is that once you hang them in your living room, the Yellow King appears.

Tincup Whiskey, $25

Sharing a name with an old mining town in the Rockies and boasting a tin-top cap that begs to be used as a cup, Tincup Whiskey may just be the most ruggedly American bourbon on the market. It’s a rye, cut with Rocky Mountain water, and it boasts a spicy kick. (Not recommended for use with pickaxes.)

Adidas ZX 500 OG Weave, $120

A lightweight runner based on the ZX 500 model, the OG Weave gets its name from Adidas weaving grey, red, and white colors into a single piece of fabric for a brand-new creation. WEAVE, get it? Okay, good.

Mini Beer Pong, $75

For when society dictates you can’t set up a full beer pong table—BRO HATERS—the mini beer pong set comes equipped with two spring-loaded ball launchers that shoot tethered balls into small cups, a brilliantly simple piece of engineering, probably done after they lost all the balls in one game.

Mini Beer Pong’s table is 2-feet long and its cups are an ounce, conveniently just less than the size of an average shot, and it’s undoubtedly perfect for any drinking occasion.