These Mini Moscow Mule Mugs Are Actually Copper Shot Glasses, And I Want Them NOW

This is a ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg’ situation for me. I’m sitting here thinking about ripping shots and looking at this set of Moscow Mule Copper Mug Shot Glasses. I don’t know if I was thinking about ripping shots before I found these mini mug shot glasses, or if I found these Moscow Mule shot glasses because I was thinking about ripping shots. I really don’t know.

And just because it’s mid-Monday that doesn’t mean I’m not sitting over here daydreaming about ripping shots on a tropical beach somewhere. In fact, I think I might be daydreaming about shots simply because it is a Monday, and I’d rather go back in time to 24-hours ago when I was standing on a boat and catching mangrove snapper down in Siesta Key, Florida. Anyways, you don’t give two craps about my weekend so let’s check out these shot glasses, shall we?

BOS Mugshots™ Set of 4: Mini Moscow Mule Mugs Made Out Of Copper

BOS Mugshots: Buy Your Own Moscow Mule Shot Glasses For Only $29.99

Everything is cuter in miniature. Including the Moscow Mule, a delicious drink with its own signature copper cup. These teeny tiny ones fit the perfect shot and look amazing in the process. They’re perfect for a party, wedding, or guy’s night where you want to make pounding shots look flat out classy.

Each mini mug fits 2 ounces of liquid
Shiny copper looks great at any home bar
Mugs can be easily stored in the freezer to stay cold
Size fits either drinks or tiny desserts