A Motorized Unicycle! Onesies For Bros! Plus 10 Things We Want

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One-Zip Onesies, $85

EVERY BRO NEEDS THIS . Maybe the most badass thing on the planet. OneZip is a high quality adult onesies for the individual who values comfort, practicality, and versatility while having fun and being a bit different along the way. As you can see, the BroBible staff likes crushin‘ brews in the American flag one.

TaylorMade Ghost Spider SI, $199

Counterbalance and MOI (moment of inertia) is all the rage in putting technology right now. Essentially, it means slightly longer putters and a high MOI create a more stable, consistent stroke, resulting in pros and hackers alike draining more putts. The problem with a lot of high MOI putters, however, is they require a lot of extra design clunkiness to make them function properly. But not Taylormade’s new Ghost Spider SI which comes out on 4/4. It offers a more classic mallet design with all the benefits of its uglier competitors. So it’s the best of both worlds.

V-Moda XS, $212

Until just a few years ago, premium headphones were a niche industry. Now, obviously, they’re everywhere. And if you’ve held out on purchasing a pair and you’re not really looking for the inevitable statement one makes with Beats, you can do much worse than picking up V-Moda’s.

I’m not an audiophile. This is a layman’s opinion based off hours of destroying my ears with Young Jeezy. But the V-Moda’s bass thumps without overpowering the music; its vocals are clear and don’t muffle as volume increases; and, perhaps most importantly, its sound barely leaks. Your neighbor at the office or the library may not even know you’re listening to “23.” This is a good thing.

The design is a little more of a mixed bag—its look is basically “industrial”—but of every headphone I’ve tried since starting this column, the V-Moda is the best. The reviews for the flagship pair, the M-100, easily eclipse the Beats’, and professional reviews elsewhere paint a similar picture.

The company’s new foray is the XS, above, a tiny and insanely portable headphone that packs a similar punch to the M-100s. It’s worth a look if you’re looking to go against the grain.

‘47 Brand Hats, $Various

Baseball’s opening day is right around the corner. If you don’t own a cap for your favorite team, who are you really? I don’t trust you. ’47 Brand’s MLB collection boasts snapbacks and fitteds, and the robust retro series makes sure you’re not beholden to whatever design your team is trying to sell this year.

Oh! We’re also running a contest with them—you can win 30 pieces of swag before the end of the year. Sign up here before Monday’s cutoff.

RoomScan, $Free

This is boring as hell but it could come in handy for any bro looking to split up a rent check. You touch each wall of your room, and RoomScan draws out its floor plan and delivers your square footage. Never have that, “I think Todd should pay more because it looks like his room is bigger” conversation again. That is a horrible conversation.

What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, $11.90

FUN FACT: I included this without knowing its release date isn’t for another five months. But it’s so nice outside. And I’m tired.

Randall Munroe is the creator of the peerless web comic xkcd.com, and his latest book promises to deliver actual, non-bullshit scientific answers to dumb questions readers have submitted over the years. Admit it: you’ve often wondered how long humanity would last in a robot apocalypse. Munroe thinks he has the answer.

MacGyver Tool Kit, $6

A bobby pin. A stamp. A paper clip, match, rubber band, and shoelace. Unless you’re WEAK, you should be able to fix any problem with just these simple household items. Get through any looked door. Defend yourself from any hobo attack. Overcome your crippling fear of mortality. Wait, what were we talking about again?

Hobo Knife, $26

The hobo knife is a handy-as-hell fork/knife/spoon combo tool that can dissemble into separate eating utensils, then re-assemble into a blade pocket knife. Ideal for camping or a really intense picnic.

Glowdeck, $85

The Glowdeck: it charges your phone, plays audio through Bluetooth, and sets light shows to music with an interactive LED system…

… Blah, blah, blah. Are you even reading this? You’re looking at the thing below, aren’t you? (Me too.)

RYNO, $5,295



The RYNO is an electric one-wheeled motorcycle that uses gyroscope sensors and accelerometers to balance itself. It’s been in development for years, and it’s designed to ride on walkways. You lean forward to accelerate; lean back to brake. Pretty space-age stuff. (Even though Mr. Garrison came up with something similar 10 years ago.)