Nerf Guns Are Fun, But Nerf Gun Mods That Shoot Nails, Fire, And Darts Are Dangerous AF

Nerf guns can be super fun. We’ve showcased some Nerf guns here on BroBible that are badass. We once had an editor test out a set of Nerf guns to write up this ‘6 Best Nerf Guns For Under $50‘ feature which was a fun time around here….I’ve never seen ANYTHING like this Nerf gun mod from Peter Sripol.

It’s kind of unfair to call this a Nerf gun. Truly, it’s the shell of a Nerf gun with an internal mod that enables it to shoot darts and nails at 150 PSI. That’s a pressure level that’s easily lethal when firing sharp projectiles. Sure, it’s not as fast as this Nerf mod my colleague Doug featured a few weeks ago which fired a dart at 2x the Speed of Sound. However, this mod enables the gun to shoot some crazy shit like darts, screwdrivers, and fireworks.

Here’s the thing…This is awesome to watch on YouTube. I enjoy living in a world where this exists. But, I feel like dudes with this much ingenuity should be selling these badass mods on Etsy and making a killing. I’d happily pay someone to build a device like this for me, wouldn’t you?

[h/t DIGG Video]

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