Hackers Double The Vintage Games Loaded On The Mini NES Classic Edition, Making It Even More Badass

by 2 years ago

The mini NES Classic was THE HOTTEST Christmas gift of 2016 and it wasn’t even close. If you’ll think back to my coverage of the Nintendo NES Classic from a few weeks/months back, you’ll remember that this mini gaming console comes with 30 pre-loaded games (see a full game list here).

Unlike the NES from our childhoods, the mini NES Classic has a built-in hard drive to store the games instead of cartridges that always required the user to blow in them. What’s strange though is Nintendo capped the games for the NES Classic at 30, and didn’t allow users to add new ones…until now.

A group of Japanese hackers have jailbroken the Nintendo NES Classic using nothing more than a USB cable, computer, and patience. They’ve since added Contra and Battletoads, the former being my all-time favorite NES game. In total, this hack allows an additional 25 games to be added to the mini NES Classic.

(h/t HypeBeast)

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