Our Guide To The Best Gear And Must-Haves To Upgrade Your Summer

BroBible summer gear guide

Grunt Style/Ninja/Orvis

The 4th of July has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up the inflatable pool and Hawaiian shirts. There’s plenty of summer left to enjoy, and your sunburn needs to last until October. We here at BroBible believe in savoring every last morsel of warm weather and chill vibes, which is why we’ve compiled the perfect guide of must-haves from our favorite brands to make the most of summer.

Grunt Style

Grunt Style patriotic apparel

Grunt Style

Who says patriotic shirts and gear are just reserved for the 4th of July? Our Founding Fathers wanted to wear badass gear all the time, but those damn redcoats tried to stop them from having a good time. Now, look where we all are: we’re the greatest country in the world and they have to eat beans on toast. I think we won more than just our independence. We won the right to wear awesome Grunt Style apparel 365 days a year.




Dockers must haves


Whether you’re enjoying 18 holes of golf or looking for something on the casual side for the next wedding on your calendar, you can’t go wrong with Dockers® pants, shorts, shirts, and lightweight apparel. Be sure to check out the Go collection for ultra-comfortable and versatile pants!

SHOP DOCKERS® go collection



Ninja summer essentials

Ninja/Brandon Wenerd

Whether you’re turning up the heat at the grill or keeping things super cool in the cooler, you can count on Ninja’s line of coolers, grills, pizza ovens, and other outdoor essentials so that you can cherish not only every day this summer, but all the sunny days to come. It might be hot out there, but I’ll yearn for the hot days when I’m shivering in the snow come winter.



Solo Stove

Solo Stove fire pit bundles

Solo Stove

Whether you need a grill grate for the perfect sear on a steak, a griddle top for perfect bacon and eggs in the morning, or a wok to sautee perfect vegetables, Solo Stovefire pit bundles allow you to enjoy the versatility of open-fire grilling, whether in your backyard or on outdoor adventures. The cast iron tops have spacious grates and uniform heating to ensure flawlessly cooked meals every time.





Where will find yourself this summer? A crowded beach? A popular tourist destination? Do yourself a favor, skip all of that, and find yourself in a peaceful corner of the world in the great outdoors. Go for a long hike, set up the perfect campsite, and find some serenity by the water with a little fly fishing. If you’re a fishing novice like me and need to stock up for your next summer adventure, start with the proper apparel from the experts at Orvis.




Shop Duradero work boots


Have you ever taken the time to get your boots re-soled? I have news for you: you’re missing out. When you purchase a pair of Duradero boots, your first resole is on the house! Just one resole can double the lifespan of your boots. With a brand like Duradero, you’re going to want to wear these for as long as you can. Full-grain oiled leather, breathable, durable, shock-absorbing…everything you need for work around the house or the job site.




Best Bluetooth Speakers


Nothing gets the vibes going quite like the perfect playlist of music. Whether you’re soaking up the sun on the beach or relaxing on the patio, you want to have tunes that pair perfectly with cold drinks and good company. Long are the days of bulky boomboxes or other clunky means of enjoying your music. For your money, you need yourself a Bluetooth speaker.

JBL Boombox 3 – $499.95

JBL Partybox 310 – $799.95

JBL PartyBox Club 120 Speaker – $399.95

Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 – $349.95



Shop Hyperice for Mother's Day

Hyperice set out to create a level of massage therapy that one would expect to be delivered by professional physical therapists for professional athletes. Because as we get older and try to take care of our bodies, we can’t escape the aches and pains. Imagine waking up every day still feeling like you’re in your teens and 20s. That’s what you can expect from Hyperice.

The Hypervolt Go 2 Massage Gun combines a sleek, compact design with a 3-speed function for maximum recovery within minutes wherever you go. If it’s your back that’s bothering you (all my fellow 30-plusers can relate), the Venom 2 Back provides heat, compression, and vibration to melt your tension.




Coofandy tuxedo jacket for Paris Fashion Week


Let’s be real: you’ve probably got a ton of weddings on your calendar this summer, and you’re probably tired of wearing the same suit jackets and blazers over and over again. Why not switch it up with a tuxedo jacket that POPS? That’s what you can expect from Coofandy:

  • Durable and lightweight fabric to ensure comfort and a unique texture
  • Exceptional stitching and craftsmanship
  • Classicly designed single-breasted suit jacket with one-button closure
  • Eye-catching, elegant paisley embroidery




SAXX DropTemp® Cooling Cotton Trunks


SAXX designs underwear with one thing in mind: to hold everything you hold precious in life in place through everything from 18 holes of golf to cutting a rug in a suit at a wedding.

The DropTemp® Cooling Cotton Trunk combines a heavenly soft cotton/modal blend, a 4-way stretch, a BallPark Pouch®, and built-in cooling that’s like A/C for your boys. Naturally breathable, naturally odor-resistant, and naturally the best pair of underwear that you’ll ever wear.

BUY NOW @ SAXX – $32

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