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Shape Up Your Style With The Ellipticals – The First Ever Pit Viper 2000s With Rounded Bottoms

Pit Viper Ellipticals Sunglasses

Dust off your leotard and slap on some spandex.

Because Pit Viper’s newest collection can be summed up in three words: Total. Body. Eyewear.

After dropping The Photochromic 2000s with lenses that react to sunlight, Pit Viper is back again with a new style that is sure to get you jazzed up. It’s time to focus on your body, starting with your face!

The Ellipticals are the same durable, functional frame you know and love from the Pit Viper 2000s, redesigned with rounded bottoms for the first time ever. Like your glutes after a nice set of squats, these shades are tighter, rounder, and sexier. No exercise required! Available in five face gripping colors, these new lenses get you results in seconds. Look at that curve!

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Shape Up Your Style With The Ellipticals - The First Ever Pit Viper 2000s With Rounded Bottoms

The Ellipticals Difference

PV Ellipticals - features

  1. E-Spot™ Adjustment — 4 different lengths to fit your face
  2. Turbo Adjustment™ — 6 angles for maximum wind buckability
  3. Rubber Touchpoints — Soft no-slip rubber nose and ear pieces

The Ellipticals – Pit Viper 2000s Sunglasses

The Thundermint Elliptical

The Thundermint Ellipticals

Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. But thunder can, right on your face. Feel the electricity and become a conductor with The Thundermint Ellipticals. Tighter, rounder, sexier, and ready to weather the storm.

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The Moontower Elliptical

The Moontower Pit Viper

One small step for Pit Viper, one giant leap for Pit Viper enthusiasts. The Moontower Elliptical with its lavender and soft mint colors offers a new expressive look that fits your face.

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The High Tai’d Elliptical

The High Tai'd Ellipticals

Pink and black splattered white frames and pink mirrored lenses match myrtle beach sunsets perfectly. No need for a beach bod when rounder is sexier with The High Tai’d Elliptical.

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The Slammin’ Elliptical

The Slammin Elliptical

Things that are SLAMMIN’: salmon, your older brother’s drywall, and this pair of Pit Viper Ellipticals! The Slammin’ Elliptical comes in a fun salmon pink color that everyone in the family will eat right up. Even your brother, who may be older than you, but sucks at video games.

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The Jetski Elliptical

The Jetski Pit Viper

Pit Viper modeled The Jetski Elliptical after…well, the name speaks for itself. Remember that jetski collecting dust in your uncle’s garage? The one he won’t let you touch? The purple one? Now you don’t have to wait to inherit it. Plus, these Ellipticals are functional out of the water too!

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But Wait There’s More!

If The Ellipticals are the key to getting your eyes into the shape they deserve, what about the rest of the body and mind?

Introducing Shape Up!

The 8-week program and your key to unlocking total mind-body-spirit fitness.

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