This Dude Built Real-Life Predator Blades From ‘Alien Vs. Predator’, He Also Built A Tent In My Pants

In the world of Predator there are all sorts of ‘Predator Blades’. Right now I don’t care about any of them except for the Predator blades from Alien vs. Predator, because they’re badass, and the ‘Man at Arms’ team just finished forging a set of real-life replicas sharp enough to chop up a watermelon, amongst other things.

Rarely do I ever see something in a YouTube video and think to myself: “I simply must own that, and I must own that now.” But when I saw these Predator blades I knew that no matter the cost, I now have to devote my life to tracking down these props and owning them.

Just look at these Predator blades in action and tell me this isn’t the best DIY project you’ve seen in 2015:

So what if they might require both hands to deploy, these are badass and I want them now! If anyone knows where I can purchase these, holler at me down below in the comments!