Reef’s Mulligan II Sandals Are Golf-Inspired Flip Flops With A Built-In Bottle Opener

Reef Mulligan II Sandals Golf Flip Flops

Bros! The Mulligan II Sandals from Reef are just what the doctor ordered for Masters weekend. We’re just a little more than a week out from Augusta, and if you want the perfect flip flops for watching The Masters you’ll need to order now.

These golfing inspired flip flops are selling out fast. They’re already sold out in size 9. Thankfully, I know that you bros out there have bigger feet than that.Now, let’s check out the goods, shall we? Purchase Today: $45

Reef Mulligan II Sandals Golf Flip Flops

Reef Mulligan II Sandals Golf Flip Flops

As I mentioned above, the Reef Mulligan II are golf-inspired flip flops. They feature a 19th Hole Flag design. The sole of the sandal has a built-in bottle opener for cracking open cold ones. There’s a synthetic fairway footbed which is said to be incredibly comfortable. And the upperfabric of this sandal is made from a golf ball texture with a golf tee design.

These are golf sandals through and through, only they’re made for wearing when you get off the course and pop off your golf shoes, or while you’re watching The Masters. As I said above, these are selling out pretty quickly and are already sold out in 2 sizes on So, if you’re interested in scooping up a pair for yourself you’ll have to follow that link below!


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