Incredibly Rare Rolex Daytona Up For Auction And Its Nickname Is Spot On

by 9 months ago
Rolex Daytona White Gold Auction MAIN

An incredibly rare Rolex watch is up for auction, and it’s not just the watch of the day, it’s quite possible the watch of a lifetime.

The only know vintage white gold Rolex Daytona will make its debut at the Phillips auction house. The timepiece is expected to fetch over $3 million, and all proceeds will go to the Children Action charity.

Nicknamed “The Unicorn” because of its elusive nature, white gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona made its biggest public appearance on an episode of “Talking Watches” on HODINKEE.

The watch is currently in the collection of John Goldberger, a seasoned collector “who has bought and sold many peculiar Daytona examples in his life.” In other words, the guy can spot a fake Rolex when he sees one.

Phillips is speculating on the history of the timepiece, and it’s pretty damn fascinating. Their best guess on the watch’s origin story is that “it was a special order, placed on behalf of one the boutique’s most exclusive clients.” Basically someone rich enough, powerful enough, and influential enough to have Rolex make him his own custom watch.

Rolex Daytona White Gold Auction 2

The case is preserved in excellent condition, as is the dial, and is showing “little signs of aging or tarnishing.” The bracelet was put on by Goldberger to replace a leather strap and it “fits the piece well” according to the auction house.

Goldberger told Phillips he “woke up one day and realized the watch, which had been the source of so much personal joy, should have a much wider impact on the world.” The money raised should certainly do just that for underprivileged kids.

[Esquire via Phillips Auctions]


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