The Improved Design Of The Sitpack Now Makes It Possible To Have A Seat Anywhere

by 10 months ago

sitpack version 2

Sometimes you just need to sit the hell down but there’s not a chair to be found. You could either sit on the floor like a 1st grader ready for story time or keep standing and hope your legs don’t buckle.

The other option is to bring along the Sitpack 2 — the most ingenious idea in sitting since…well, ever.

The one phrase that describes the new version of the Sitpack is user experience. The designers focused on making Sitpack even more simple to use. They also added new patented locking mechanisms, made of PERLEX R2520. The new locking mechanism increases the adjustment functionality, making it possible for users to lean/sit at any height.

sitpack open

They also added an alligator foot clamp so instead of twisting the rubber foot into the leg — like in version 1 — and users can simply click the Sitpack in place with a snapfit. It holds the seat in the right position at all times.

Best of all, they’ve lowered the price under $60. Now you can grab a seat at an outdoor concert, on the golf course, while camping and hiking, or anywhere you damn well please.

BUY IT NOW: $55.90

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