Turn Your Car Into a Snow Warrior, Plus 10 Things We Want

Taylormade Tour Preferred Irons, $124-$999

Brand new for the season, Taylormade's new irons (called the “Tour Preferred MCs” if you want to be a douchebag about it) feature a shallow muscle cavity and something called the “Speed Pocket,” which allows your club to flex more than any others in Taylormade history. The result is much more ball speed. According to Golfweek, Taylormade banks on these irons becoming one of their more popular sets on the tour in 2014. And, hey, the pros know what they're doing.

Lego Simpsons Set, $200

The Simpsons is 25 years old. 25! To commemorate the occasion, Lego is releasing in February a collectors' set of Homer and Marge's pad in Springfield, complete with Bart's skateboard and ramp, a radioactive isotope, and a grilling Ned Flanders, among other touches. Marge's hair looks impeccably detailed.  

Also: in May, the Simpsons plan on airing Lego-themed episode. Synergy.

Breaking Bad posters, $16

While we're on the pop culture beat, Thrillist just released a set of Breaking Bad posters, including Jesse Pinkman as the world's baddest Rorsharch test. Bitch.

USB Battery Backup Flashlight, $175 

This is something Tom Haverford would take if Leslie ever forced him to go camping. (Again.) The device is a waterproof, nearly indestructible 1,000 lumen LED flashlight that holds enough electricity to charge your iPhone or iPad or, perhaps least usefully, electronic bubble wrap.

Sony In-Car Smartphone, $250

A simple, cool device from Sony: Slide your Apple or Droid phone into this device locked onto your dashboard, connect wirelessly to your car's audio system, and enjoy a Spotify stream of Trap Lord blasting out of your speakers. Since the smartphone holder ensures your phone will stay in landscape mode, you can also safely use it for GPS. Or continue to look down at your Apple Maps with your phone sitting in the cupholder. Always a safe bet. 

Jim Beam Single Barrel Whiskey, $TBD

Jim Beam is serious about its first-ever single-barrel offering: A bottle shipped to the office bears a hand-written note of what barrel it comes from (25) and when it was bottled (October 24th). And the whiskey doesn't disappoint. It's as full-bodied and smooth as you'd expect from high-end stuff, and it packs a pretty great 95 proof kick too. The bourbon hits stores in March.

Sex Panther Double Chocolate Porter, $TBD

60% of the time, it gets you hammered. (Well, that kind of depends on how much you drink, but still.) SanTan's seasonal Sex Panther release bears a chocolate flavor and hints of molasses. If you can uncover a can of the relatively difficult-to-find craft beer, pair it at dinner with your favorite dish of real panther.

GoPole Reach, $54.99

Want to create the most badass snowboarding video possible? Attach your GoPro to the GoPole (I see what they did there!) and come up with shots like the one above. Or you can swivel it around 180 degrees to shoot steady footage of the environment around you. Cool shit either way.

Yes Man Watches, $109

Created by a college sophomore—what am I doing with my life, by the way?—the Yes Man watch boasts a unique buckle that promises the perfect fit, as well as a distinctive watch face. It just hit its Kickstarter goal, but the stretch goal which features a very cool black-on-black design is worth a look.

Track N Go, $25,000

Do you live in Antarctica? How's the 4G down there? Anyway, you might be in the market for the Track-n-Go system. All you do is drive on and attach the Track-n-Go to your truck's wheels, and you're ready to tackle brutal winter conditions. Now get the fuck out of Antarctica.