You Need A Storage Solution Because You’re Losing Too Many Pairs Of Sunglasses

I’ve got multiple pairs of sunglasses. Probably more than the typical guy. I’ve got a prescription pair, a pair for yardwork, a pair for running and a couple all purpose. It might be a bit much. Here’s one reason I have so many pairs — I lose them VERY easily and then replace them and a couple weeks later THERE’S THE OLD PAIR IN A SPOT I DIDN’T CHECK.

I need to keep my sunglasses in check. I need a sunglass storage system like these beauties from OYO.

Even though most of us wear sunglasses year-round, during the summer they are truly the ultimate fashion accessory. Instead of carelessly tossing them around and misplacing them, why not treat them to their own fashionable storage box this year? The OYOBox is the perfect accessory for your accessories.

No longer will you have to mourn losing the perfect pair of sunnies that matched your favorite outfit. Instead, you can keep your eyewear safe and protected in one of these attractive cases.

The original OYOBox case holds up to eight pairs of eyewear, designed for individuals who have multiple pairs of sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses and readers. OYOBox has recently expanded its collection and is now available in 15 different colors and two different sizes.


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