Better Buy A 2nd And 3rd Phone Battery: You Can Now Watch Unlimited Porn With T-Mobile’s Binge On

T-Mobile wants you to get your jollies by watching as much porn on your phone as your little heart and penis desire. Have you gone down one of those porn rabbit holes where you spend hours watching video after video of BDSM cuckold facesiting alt porn? Yea, me either. Well, now you can if you want to because it won’t go against your data plan.

T-Mobile recently rolled out their Binge On program, which allows subscribers to watch video from certain streaming providers and it doesn’t count against your monthly data cap. Video services such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, ESPN, Google Play Movies, Showtime and MiKandi. Not familiar with MiKandi? I’m told that MiKandi is the world’s first and largest mobile porn app store.

The online X-rated app store offers streaming porn, which is now included on the un-carrier’s Binge On program. That’s right, now you can watch hours upon hours of interracial midget porn and you can be rest assured that it won’t come off your monthly allotment of data. Phew! Just have to buy a few backup batteries for my phone to make the most of this perk.

However, just as in life, nothing is free. MiKandi Theater’s DVD-quality porn costs $20 per month. Pay for porn? Bwahahaha!

Back in November, T-Mobile CEO John Legere promised that any content provider that met the technical requirements would be able to offer their video as part of the Binge On program.

“When mainstream tech companies announce new platforms it tends to be another way to censor your online experience,” MiKandi CEO Jesse Adams said in a company blog post. “T-Mobile is treating adults like adults and we hope that other tech companies follow in their footsteps.”

Good luck even being able to lift your phone after your 13-hour fap-apalooza.