How Cool Would It Be To Drive Around In This Custom 1954 ‘Death Star’ Corvette Convertible?

We get to look at a lot of really cool cars here. From Maseratis and Ferraris to McLarens and Mercedes, there is no shortage of wicked cool vehicle we wish we could drive.

That being said, none of those cars I mentioned are ‘Murican. And no car is more ‘Murican than a classic Chevrolet Corvette convertible. Baseball, hot dogs and apple pie not included.

Nothing like a little old school American iron, am I right? Damn right I’m right.

It’s even better when you take a classic like a 1954 Corvette convertible (the first-ever Corvette), give it to some folks who know how to make cars even better like say, the people at Timeless Kustoms in California, and let them add several upgrades.

Especially when one of those upgrades is a 600 horsepower supercharged C6 ZR1 LS9 crate motor.

Throw on some contemporary wheels, tires, and disc brakes, and you’ve got yourself a true American ride like no other out there.

Now check out some of the other other sweet rides Timeless Kustoms has made recently…

H/T Uncrate

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