Turn Any Aluminum Beer Can Into A Reusable Cup With This Cool Tool For Tailgates

tool turns beer cans into cups

For only $25, you can pick up The Draft Top tool and completely transform your home bar or your next camping trip. The long and short of it is The Draft Top allows you to turn any aluminum can into a usable (and reusable) cup. This means you can pop the top off of your favorite beer cans anytime and turn them into cups you can keep drinking beer out of anywhere, anytime, or use them as cocktail glasses or water cups.

The best part, for me, is the price. The Draft Top is only $25. At that price, it’s a perfect gift because you’re not spending too much or too little. It’s also unique and thoughtful as a gift option. Beyond that, you can tuck it in your camping bag, truck, or home bar and use it at tailgates, campfires, and parties.

Let’s check The Draft Top ($25) out:

tool turns beer cans into cups

tool turns beer cans into cups

tool turns beer cans into cups

Full details of The Draft Top include:

  • A patented bar tool that removes the top of any standard beer can, turning it into a cup
  • Edge is incredibly smooth and safe
  • Allows the full experience of any beer by allowing the aromas to reach your nose
  • Excellent for adding garnishes to the side of the can
  • Saves time by not dirtying glassware
  • Perfect for camping and other outdoor activities where glass can’t go

If you want to pick up The Draft Top for yourself you can follow any of those links above or hit that ‘shop now’ button below to scoop this patented item up on Huckberry before it’s sold out in the holiday rush!



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