How to Survive Outdoors This Winter, Plus 10 Things We Want

AC Greebs Smoking Steel, $35

From our own David Covucci:

How often have you wanted to take a big old rip off a gravity bong, only to waste your time jury-rigging up some shit piece out of aluminum foil or a ratchet set? 

Well, that won't ever happen with these AC Greebs smoking steels. The pieces are machined from 304 stainless and have excellent heft. They sink perfectly into the opening of a bottle, creating an airtight seal (they are also a breeze to remove when you are ready to inhale). The pieces are small enough to fit in your pocket, meaning that you will never be without a way to get high. And because they are stainless steel, they are virtually unbreakable. 

We got to try one, but these Bros aren't fully up and running. Check out their indegogo page, where a $35 donation will get you your own steel. 

Worth it for a lifetime of easy buzzes. 

New Era Cold-Weather Collection, $24.99

As the weather cools down, the games heat up! That's how a hack sportswriter would put it, right? Discuss!

Anyway, if you're looking to keep your ears at the next Eagles game, the NFL now offers a cold-weather collection featuring knits, beanies, and caps with flaps. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch a Kevin Smith movie.) Most teams are represented here—even the Jags! For that huge population of Jacksonville expats in Montana. Big Jag presence there. 

Adidas Climawarm Jacket, $56

And keeping in the general “it's cold” theme, the Adidas Climawarm is a relatively inexpensive fleece that keeps the warm air close while providing enough breathability for flag football, a brisk jog, or, more realistically, a walk to the liquor store.

Qualcomm Toq SmartWatch, $349

The future! THE FUTURE IS HERE. Qualcomm does more than provide a place for Phillip Rivers to grace us with football brilliance—it just released one of the world's first smart watches. The Toq is a biggish but sleek number that boasts Bluetooth technology, music playback, and Android-native apps. And like its competitor, the Samsung Galaxy, the Toq screens calls, texts, and emails, and provides detailed calendar, weather, and stock information. 

It also tells time.

Turtle Shell Wireless Speaker, $129.95

Perfect for a tailgate or an outdoor winter party, if you're so brave, the rugged Turtle Shell wireless speaker is shock-proof, water-proof, and sound-proof.

Totally kidding on the last one. That doesn't make any fucking sense, you guys. It's Friday. This speaker is good.

City-Specific Posters, $24

Our friends at Thrillist are offering a multitude of different ways to put your whole city behind ya, wherever you may now call home. There's the stadium maps above—showcasing the iconic homes of the Lakers, Bulls, and… Nuggets(?)—minimalistic maps of the Boston, New York, and Chicago skylines, and even a series that label cities' neighborhoods.

Chips Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, $129.95


Shredding some pow this season? The Chips Bluetooth drop-ins fit under your ski or snowboard helmet and connect easily to any Bluetooth-enabled device. “Started from the Bottom” takes on a strange meaning.

Mongoose Maurice, $549.99


If you're in the market for a reasonably priced urban bike, the Maurice is a pretty great fixie. One-piece chromoly stem/bar combination. Top tube wraps and pedal straps. And other bike specs that mean much more to bike nuts than me.

Xbox One, $499

Because Bill Gates killed the head of Sony over it this week. We owe it to Microsoft to buy one.

(Plus there's the immersive entertainment options, praised gameplay options, and terrific exclusives like Dead Rising 3. That too.)

Mizuno MP Irons, $999

And finally, one to spend the Christmas money on. Mizuno has long had the prettiest irons in the game, and its newish MP Irons don't disappoint. Shotmakers will like the “patented grain Flow Forging process” and “bulging muscle design” that extends higher up on the clubface than previous editions. Hackers will no longer fear the 4-iron.