The World’s Fastest Car, Plus 10 Things We Want

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Ken Burns App, $Free


Ken Burns’ documentaries have always been among the most enjoyable ways to learn about the Civil War, Prohibition, and baseball, etc. His app, made for both the iPhone and iPad (but, really, made for the iPad) combines each subject he’s ever slowly panned a camera over into one place.

So you get a timeline throughout the 20th century, and if you hit 1929, for example, there are videos available from his Prohibition doc intertwined with those from Baseball and the Dust Bowl.

Overall: It’s pretty cool if you’re a history nerd.

Shelters, Shacks, & Shanties, $7


We ran a piece this week on skills you need to know to trick your buddies into thinking you’re handy. But every bro should know how to drive a stick. Let’s take it a step further.

Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties is one of around two dozen books written by the founder of the Boy Scouts, D.C. Beard. It’s one of the few still in print and for good reason: the book contains timeless information on how to build your own shelters using nothing but simple tools and your bare hands. There are also guides to splitting logs, making fireplaces, and even building a log cabin—if you really want to concern your friends and family with a winter project.

Spritz App, $TBA


This is either the death of reading or the beginning of the new era, I can’t really tell.

Spritz promises to change the way we read by flashing one word at a time on your screen, which saves your eyes from scanning left to right. The app promises to train you to read at 500 words per minute—that’s 250 more than the average—while retaining the information just as well as traditional reading.

Fixed, $TBA


Parking ticket? Upload a picture of it to Fixed, and the app will connect you with an advocate who will contest your case in court. You don’t have to pay—if you win the case, they charge you 25% of the original fine. The future is fucking amazing.

Samsung Galaxy 5S, $TBA

Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. It should arrive in the United States sometime in the next few months. This provides a pretty good primer on what to expect from the new It smartphone.


Summer is just around the corner, and when the sun’s out, it’s time for the shades to come out. But how do you stand out when just about everyone is wearing the same old Aviators and Wayfarers?

Easy. With sick new neon shades from HeadBro. HeadBro sunglasses are just the thing you need to make an impression, be it on a crowded rooftop bar or packed beach.

With three styles, all $20 or under, you won’t be breaking your bank to block the rays. HeadBro sunglasses come in four styles: Original, Finlay, Hammer and Clarity, so you can pick the perfect ones to meet your needs. And they are fly as all hell, in bright neon oranges, greens, pinks and blues. They will catch people’s eyes, all while covering yours.

Licor 43, $24.99

When is the last time you had a new shooter? Something that wasn’t the same thing (Lemon Drops! Red Headed Sluts) you had ten times over in college? And more importantly, something that actually tasted good?

Well, that’s about to change, with Licor 43 and their Mini Beer shots. We’re sure you have exactly two questions. And we are about to answer them.

Licor 43 is a Spanish liqueur made from exactly 43 ingredients. It’s actually as old as the ancient Romans, and has lovely citrus and vanilla notes.

Mini Beer shots are when you pour a shot of Licor 43, and top it off with a layer of heavy cream. It looks exactly like a beer, with the cream rising above the yellow liqueur. Sounds weird, but it taste delicious. Exactly like vanilla ice cream. And you and I both know some people who would love to take shots that taste exactly like vanilla ice cream. Amirite, Bro?

So pick up a bottle and give it a try.

Mini Museum, $99 – $239

Above is the sneaky highlight of 10 Things this week. Seriously, if I was in the market for a dumb, yet strangely educational, way to blow some disposable funds, I would buy a Mini Museum.

What is the Mini Museum? It’s a collection of billions of years of science and history that will immediately become the greatest conversation starter ever for your desk. For the past 35 years, Hans Fex has collected authentic specimens specifically for this project—he’s since broken them down into small pieces, embedded them in resin, and placed them on a glass sheet.

So you get stuff like:

  • Carbonacious chrondites: a tiny chunk of a 4-billion year-old meteorite that is among the oldest matter ever collected
  • A palm tree from Antarctica
  • Dinosaur shit
  • Coal from the Titanic
  • A brick from Abraham Lincoln’s house
  • Wooly mammoth hair
  • Etc

The pieces are tiny, obviously—hundreds of these Mini Museums have now been sold—but they are big enough to touch and call your own.

Your buddy has a signed Bo Jackson rookie card? Pssh. You literally can hold in your possession a rock that is the foundation of human life. TOP THAT.

Lightpack, $119


There’s real science behind the Lightpack—and it has to do with our eyes being unable to focus on the field of view inside a TV screen’s box—but here’s what it means for you: install the Lightpack and your 42-inch TV becomes, in your brain, a 52-inch monstrosity. No additional living room required.

Hennessey Venom GT, $600,000

The fastest supercar in the world. Who the hell wouldn’t want to drive it?

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