World’s Sexiest Pole Vaulter, Allison Stokke, Is Back And Looking Hotter Than Ever In Her Skimpy Spandex

I haven’t done any blogging about Allison Stokke, the world’s sexiest pole vaulter, since back in early April of this year when I brought you bros her latest clips for GoPro. Earlier today I saw someone tweeting about her and got to wonder what she’s been up to so I went to her Instagram page and GOOD GOD, she’s looking hotter than ever in one of the skimpiest spandex getups I’ve ever seen a track and field athlete wear (full disclosure: I haven’t seen very many track and field athletes in my life, I was on Crew and never spent much time on the track):

So when I got to thinking about Allison Stokke I was curious whether or not she’s on Team USA in the Rio Olympics (she’s not), so I googled her to see what was up. Apparently, I am not the only one who’s got Allison on the mind because my old partner in crime of (the site’s primary founder) Chris Spags who is now at Barstool blogged some crazy sexy pics of her a few days ago. So if you want more sexy has hell photographs of Allison Stokke then CLICK HERE for his gallery over on Barstool.

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