World’s Sexiest Pole Vaulter, Allison Stokke, Is Back And Looking Hotter Than Ever In Her Skimpy Spandex

by 2 years ago

Post training float 😎

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I haven’t done any blogging about Allison Stokke, the world’s sexiest pole vaulter, since back in early April of this year when I brought you bros her latest clips for GoPro. Earlier today I saw someone tweeting about her and got to wonder what she’s been up to so I went to her Instagram page and GOOD GOD, she’s looking hotter than ever in one of the skimpiest spandex getups I’ve ever seen a track and field athlete wear (full disclosure: I haven’t seen very many track and field athletes in my life, I was on Crew and never spent much time on the track):

Core is 🔑 #GoPro #GoProGirl

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